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ENDO OPTIKS – Endoscopic Photocoagulation

MERIDIAN is the official distributor of ENDO OPTIKS for Switzerland.

Endoscopic Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP) is a surgical approach to glaucoma management that employs light endoscopy and visualized laser application. Five patents combine the modalities of light, image, and laser in a single, powerful 20Ga instrument. The result is the selective ablation of pigmented, ciliary epithelium tissue, with minimal impact to surrounding, nontargeted anatomy.

Remarkably, all forms of glaucoma can be effectively treated with this technology. With continuous, direct imaging of the ciliary processes, controlled laser energy is delivered; IOP is lowered and aqueous production is controlled, with superior long-term results.

The comprehensive armamentarium of endoscopes, span the need from simple illumination, to laserimagingfibers - for anterior ECP applications as well as posterior PRP delivery. DCR probes are also provided with the higher intensity 12Watt power console. Optional consoles allow modular flexibility of light, image, and/or laser power selection.

The compact E2 system contains a video camera, xenon light source, and a semiconductor diode laser tuned to 810nm wavelength. This power console features adjustable laser output, pulse width, light and aiming beam intensity.

110° panoramic wide field illumination delivers maximum intraocular visibility with a 175Watt Xenon light source.

10K pixel resolution allows clear imaging of ocular tissues from the anterior or posterior segment.

Precise, 810nm, 2.0Watt diode laser energy, in pulsed or continuous mode, is delivered to targeted intraocular tissues.

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