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Meridian is distributor of Laser Contact lenses of:

For better view and more accurate results, the use of contact lenses is a prerequisite. The following contact lenses can be ordered at Meridian:

CGPL Capsulotomy Lens (Article Nr. 7200196)

Dioptric Power in Air + 9 D
Cone Angle Magnification 1.5
Diameter of Entrance Surface 14 mm
Application Range pupillary and retropipillary space


CGIL Iridectomy Lens (Article Nr. 7200194)

Dioptric Power in Air + 5 D
Cone Angle Magnification 1.6
Diameter of Entrance Surface 19 mm
Application Range peripheral to mid-peripheral iris


CGAL Gonioscopic Lens (Article Nr. 7200195)

Magnification 1.5 x
Mirror Angle 58°
Lens Thickness 17 mm
Antireflection Coating for visual observation argon laser treatment YAG laser treatment frequency doubled YAG laser treatment


CGVL Vitrectomy Lens (Article Nr. 7200198)

Dioptric Power in Air - 33 D
Cone Angle Magnification 1-1.4
Diameter of Entrance Surface 19 mm
Application Range posterior vitreous


145L CGR3 Retina Lens (Article Nr. 7200460)

Optical Power - 50 D
Magnification* 0.75
Field of View 64 °
Spot Diameter on the Retina for 50 ’µm in air 70 ’µm

* The magnification with the Goldmann lens is arbitrarily set equal to 1.

Specifications are subject to change without previous notice.

If you wish further information on these products please get in contact. Thank you!