Swiss Made
1937 MERIDIAN was founded as manufacturer for geodetic instruments, clinometers and compasses in Péry (Bernese Jura) Switzerland
1958 MERIDIAN was acquired by Spectros in Ettingen (canton of Basel-Country) Switzerland
1969 First industrial laser developed
1982 Prof. Franz Fankhauser, head of ophthalmology at the University of Berne, developed together with LASAG, Thun the first commercially available ophthalmic Nd:YAG laser, the Microruptor II
1986 LASAG launches the second generation Nd:YAG laser - Topaz
1991 LASAG launches the revolutionary designed Nd:YAG laser – Microruptor III, the only ophthalmic laser with which supine treatment can be performed
1991 MERIDIAN, meanwhile a HAAG-STREIT company, acquires the ophthalmic laser segment of LASAG
1994 MERIDIAN launches its first frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser - Merilite
2000 PPU medical services, a team of former LASAG engineers, acquires MERIDIAN
2001 MERIDAN introduces the new Nd:YAG laser - Microruptor V - and the diode laser - Merilas 810 Tpro
2006 The Merlias 532α, the most ergonomical green laser photocoagulator with an award nominated design was introduced
2007 Launch of the Microruptor V - Combo System (MR V with Merilas 532)
2008 Launch of the Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope - LIO 500
2009 Launch of the Slit Lamp Adapter for the Haag-Streit BQ/BM900
  and of the Universal Slit Lamp Adapter
2014 The Merilas 577α with true yellow wavelength appears
2015 New MR 6 Nd:YAG is on the market