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We create value for our customers by supporting them with sustainable products and services. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This includes expert and competent service for our products and projects. Successful cooperation with our customers relies on our integrity, gratitude, professional service, and timing. We strive to enjoy a sustainable partnership with all our customers.

​quality assurance

Quality assurance

To achieve excellence in what we do, we strive consistently to improve our work. We innovate, learn and share whenever possible with our partners and customers. To meet our customers‘ demands, we have a professional quality management system in place. This system is compulsory for all employees. Each employee has a high degree of personal responsibility which is subject to continual optimizing. We  follow all appropriate regulations and standards for the goal of safe products and services. We define measurable objectives and follow a risk-based approach.


Our employees are our most important asset. We are a reliable employer offering attractive working conditions and are dedicated to the education and training of our employees.

We foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. All employees are aware, fully understand and accept our commitment.

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Suppliers / contractors

Our impact is wider and more enduring when we work with partners. We work with suppliers and contractors whose products quality and services fulfill our rigorous requirements. We prefer suppliers who produce particularly ecologically and responsibly. We strive for long-term partnerships. We are committed to fair competition and refuse any kind of corruption or bribery.

​suppliers / contractors

Data protection

Regulatory requirements ask us to keep data of persons and companies, with whom we are currently in business relationships or have been so in the past. The database is secure and we do not share or sell the data. For more information please review our privacy policy.

data protection
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