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With our mission, we express what drives our company, which is why we help our customers.


  • As one of the leading manufacturers of ophthalmic medical systems, we are engaged in the development and marketing of products and procedures to solve sight-threatening eye diseases through the use of high precision medical laser systems. 

  • We are committed to provide the highest and safest quality eye care and are committed to perpetual improvement in the supply of products and services respecting the standards. Quality is applied throughout the lifecycle of our products. 

  • The quality, safety and performance of our products and provided services are most important to our users and customers.  

  • Risk management and continuous improvements are implemented throughout the entire lifecycle of the products and services. 

  • We support and promote our employees to ensure professional adherence to the quality objectives and regulatory compliance. 

  • We cherish the success of our employees, affiliates, distributors, and shareholders.  

  • We support our employees in their work by state-of-the-art technologies, a creative, stimulating work environment, freedom for exchange of expertise and regular offers for continuous education and training.

  • We respect our success without gloating, and we learn from our mistakes with humor and humility.

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Our values are our moral compass. They form the framework within which we will achieve our vision.

  • We comply with the normative and regulatory requirements applicable to our company and products.

  • We live our quality management system and follow its rules.

  • A respectful communication with each other, with our customers and suppliers is essential for us. 

  • We live tolerance of other opinions, religions, sexual orientations and life models. 

  • We prefer suppliers who produce particularly ecologically and responsibly.

  • We strive for long-term partnerships.

  • We are committed to fair competition and refuse any kind of corruption or bribery.

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