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MDR certificate for Meridian Medical d.o.o.

Meridian Medical d.o.o. 's Quality Management System and the new MR Q SLT laser product have been certified in accordance with the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (EU MDR)

This great success is the result of the combined efforts of all departments and units of the Meridian Medical Group. MERIDIAN SPIRIT and striving for EXCELLENCE have been the main drivers to achieve this monumental task, and Meridian Medical appreciates and recognizes the intense work and leadership that the employees have provided to reach this milestone. Special thanks go to: Kristijan Lamot, Head of development / PRRC, Nina Špička, Head of quality management system, Irena Žnidar, Head of regulatory affairs and Markus Stoller. Their comment: “The MDR certificate is an important milestone that demonstrates our commitment to meeting the highest standards.”

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