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TT 532 or TT 577sp multispot laser – integrated functionality

The Tabletop Multispot laser provides unsurpassed accessibility for wheelchairs and patient chairs. The entire device – laser console, computer and electronics – is integrated in a compact, functional and beautiful design. To provide mobility the table is equipped with castors on one side.

Valon’s shortpulse technology delivers a tissue-sparing solution that allows the tissue to cool between laser pulses, minimizing or preventing tissue damage, reducing treatment risks, and improving patient comfort and safety as no tissue damages or scars occur. In addition to single spot treatment mode, surgeons can select multispot mode for a pattern of simultaneous targets or the shortpulse mode, which enables them to customize a train of short pulses to precisely manage the thermal effect on targeted tissues.

HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS Choice of slit lamp (Haag-Streit BQ or CSO 9900 SL) is installed and calibrated by our professionals. Dedicated adapters ensure excellent retina illumination without the need for calibration.

EXCEPTIONAL USER FEATURES – Smart Wheel, Touch Screen and Information Projection Unique information projection, a feature patented by Valon, combined with the Smart Wheel provides complete control of variable values without removing eyes from the oculars. During the treatment the system projects on the retina all customary settings such as laser power, pattern selection, size and rotation.

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