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Meridian acquires Valon Lasers Oy, Finland


Swiss quality and Finnish innovation technology combined together

Dear Customers Dear Distributors It is our pleasure to announce that Meridian AG has taken over the company Valon Lasers Oy Finland, thus ensuring the continued existence of Valon. We are connected with Valon and their employees by a long term business relationship and know them well.

Meridian AG is well known in the field of ophthalmic lasers business since almost 30 years and develops, manufactures, sells and maintains the own laser systems worldwide.

Valon will continue to exist as a company in Finland, the brand remains the same. The intention of Meridian AG is to restore the trust to the brand Valon with the help of its team.

The following Valon lasers come with a Meridian cavity inside:

  • Valon TT 532 multispot laser (optionally as shortpulse laser available)

  • Valon TT 577 multispot shortpulse laser

  • Valon 5G multispot laser (532nm), coming soon with a Meridian cavity inside

We are aware of the fact that due to Valon's difficult economic situation the customer support had suffered in the past. Our goal is to reestablish your trust and confidence in Valon and in your investment in Valon's products. We want to live a well functioning after sales and customer support and strive for the fast processing of all pending issues to your satisfaction.

We take this opportunity, to thank you for the trust into this new partnership. With your support we will ensure the dynamic development of Valon in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Eric Odenheimer CEO

Alexandra Hylla, B.Eng. Product Manager

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Unknown member
Jun 03, 2021

ist schon Toll, mir gefällt es und finde es OK wenn registrierte Kunden sich austauschen können.

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